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Back Porch Blues is an Online Course to Help You Play Your First Fingerstyle Acoustic Blues Song

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What’s in the Course

Go from Completely Stuck with Fingerpicking to Playing Your First Acoustic Blues Song.

Lay the Foundation

Expand Your Skills

Play the Blues

Video Lessons

Step-by-step tutorials with tips to help you nail the lesson.

Proven Plan

Build foundational skills you'll use throughout your guitar journey.

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Download the video and notation files or stream online. For life.

Meet Your Instructor

Hey I’m, John Hatcher! 

I started Blues Guitar Institute to help others learn acoustic blues with a simple, straightforward approach.

I believe that great things can be accomplished on the guitar with consistent practice and attention to the fundamentals.

And we can have some fun along the way!

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for players who are new to fingerpicking. It’s also for players who’ve tried to fingerpick in the past unsuccessfully. Beginners are welcome, but you should be beyond the absolute beginner stage to get the most from this material. If you can play basic chords and change between them while keeping a beat, you should be able to tackle this material and really see results!

This course is best suited for players beyond the absolute beginner stage. You shouldn’t buy this course if you aren’t yet able to play basic chords and change between them in rhythm.

You shouldn’t buy this course if you can comfortably play fingerstyle guitar already.

If you’re looking to learn your favorite songs, note-for-note, that’s not what this course delivers. However, the techniques taught by this system will give you the tools needed to learn your favorite songs quicker and easier.

Also, if you need a comprehensive plan that starts from the basics and advances to more complex material, you’ll get more from BGI’s Membership, myBGI.

Nope! I’ve taught many players in their 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond this very same material. Players of all ages can learn this and have fun doing it.

No, the membership site offered by Blues Guitar Institute is separate from this course. This course is offered as a one-time payment.

Blues Guitar Institute’s membership offering (myBGI) contains most of the materials included in this system plus hundreds more lessons. The lessons on myBGI are available for streaming only. Membership is a recurring charge, but this course is for a one-time payment and downloads are offered.


The material taught in this course is an original composition by John Hatcher used to teach techniques commonly found in popular acoustic fingerstyle blues songs. You will receive tab and sheet music files of John’s composition and the files are yours to keep.

The material in this system is designed to teach you how to play in this style which will make many blues songs within reach.

An acoustic or resonator guitar would be best for this system. While you could play all of this on an electric guitar, this material is better suited for acoustic.

78 minutes of downloadable videos so you can take the lessons anytime without having to log into a website.

Downloadable PDF Tab files so you have the examples in front of you to follow along with each lesson.

Steady bass exercises to help you build thumb control so that you can pluck along to old Delta Blues-style tunes.

Finger independence exercises so you can get control of your picking fingers allowing you to play bass lines and licks at the same time!

Three-level performance study so you can put the exercises into action and enjoy your new picking skills!

Yes, all of the videos and PDF files are yours to keep and you can download them on each lesson page.

If this course doesn’t work for you, email and you can request a full refund in the first 30 days.

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